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    Creating an e-commerce site these days is becoming easier; however creating an e-commerce site that flourishes is a science. Fortunately, we have been building e-commerce sites since they first emerged, so we have learnt a lot along the way. We know the myriad of factors that contribute to building and maintaining a successful e-commerce site, no matter what you are selling.

    Understanding your audience and their behavior is one of the critical parts of building the right kind of e-commerce site. It’s also a science that doesn’t sleep — you have to keep track of the metrics and constantly adapt your site accordingly.

    Some of the key things you need to track are: How did your clients get to the site? What pages are they visiting? How long do they spend on the site? What pages are useful and what pages are not?

    Performance is key. It is critical that the site is working efficiently. If your site is slow, or not working properly, users will instantly drop off and most likely never come back.

    For each e-commerce site we develop, we make sure that every single element and function is quality tested till it can be tested no more. Constantly optimizing the speed of the site and its functionalities is the first key to success and second nature to us. Adapting the site so it can better serve the clients is something we do in our sleep.

    (We may be exaggerating. But only about the sleep. We really do ensure your site serves your customers.)

    Automation is the second key. We believe in being ready for all scenarios, that is why we spent years creating ready-made solutions. We took it upon ourselves to have integrations ready for all of the key payment gateway providers in the region, including Telr, Payfort, MasterCard payment gateway, Cyber source and Etisalat Payment. We also have integration solutions ready for all major shipping providers, including Aramex, UPS, Fedex and Parzel. This allows us to complete projects at a much quicker pace.

    In short, we create e-commerce solutions that work. Solutions that work specifically for your customers.

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  • CS Cart
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