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Web Design, Web Development, Responsive, Custom Software, Website, Reservation Module, Career Module, Brand Microsite






Emirates Leisure Retail (ELR), a subsidiary of the high-profile Emirates Group, owns and operates a wide-ranging portfolio of restaurants, cafes and bars across the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

They came to us looking to revamp and modernize their web presence so it could showcase there remarkably large portfolio in the F & B industry. The main challenge here was how do we fit such a vast array of brands, content and locations under one roof that also included functionalities such as reservation and an advanced career module.



ELR were an absolute pleasure to work with and our long term partnership made that even easier, having worked with them for quite some time now. Working closely together, we managed to create some wonderful features on the site that not only looked great but were extremely user friendly, informative and achieved the requirement they had first set out at the beginning. We ended up creating a microsite for each brand within their portfolio that was listed directly under each location and category, yet achieving a very smooth flow through the entire website.