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Emirates Foundation

Area of Expertise

Design, Architecture, UX, Custom forms, Integration Solutions, SharePoint, Workflow Automation, Intranet, Migration


Emirates Foundation




Emirates Foundation is an independent organization set up by the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to facilitate public-private funded initiatives to improve the welfare of youth across the UAE.

Due to our vast and proven experience in SharePoint implementations across the region, Emirates Foundation approached Webology to overall the existing SharePoint Intranet they had and perform an overhaul and upgrade to the latest version. This project consisted of redesigning the intranet into a much more user friendly platform, automation of 13 workflow processes and content & user migration.



The Intranet was launched successfully and within the designated deadline that was agreed upon. This project was a huge milestone for Webology as it was the first time we took the UX / UI design to the next level as far as SharePoint Intranets are concerned. In addition to this, there was a vast amount of workflow automation and over 2 terabytes of content that needed to be migrated onto the new platform, by no means was this a quick and easy task, it required the whole dedicated team at Webology and Emirates Foundation to work in sync with one another consistently.