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Second Cup

Area of Expertise

Web Design, Web Development, Responsive, Promotion Module, Menu, Competitions, F & B


Second Cup




Second Cup are one of the largest specialist coffee retailers in the world.

We were approached to look into how we could take their digital foothold in the UAE to the next level. Once we did our in depth analysis and then put forward designs, the next thing was to start. There were certain objectives and requirements that needed to be achieved. One of which was how do we showcase the brand and diverse menu across the UAE and how do we make sure we constantly adapt the site so that their customers can see what are the latest products and promo’s.



Through detailed research and competitor analysis, we managed to launch with a solution that the client was more than proud of. Feedback to date has been extremely promising and in addition to the clients marketing initiatives, the brand is growing at a faster pace than ever. The concept we settled on is unlike most specialist coffee retailers out in the market, but research proved otherwise and the result was well worth the investment.