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ZSP sought to streamline its complex, multi-step award application process, requiring a flexible portal with workflow automation and advanced reporting capabilities.

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The Chalange

The Zayed Sustainability Prize faced the challenge of a complex award application process with numerous steps and detailed requirements. To address this, they envisioned a flexible online portal that would streamline the submission process for applicants. Key requirements for this new portal included:

Workflow Automation: To reduce manual tasks and ensure efficient management of applications. Advanced Reporting: To gain insights into the application process and track key metrics. Flexibility: To accommodate annual changes in the award categories and application criteria without jeopardizing platform stability.

What did we do

We developed a robust and user-centric portal designed to enhance the Zayed Sustainability Prize’s application process. Here’s how we addressed their key requirements:

Responsiveness: The portal adapts seamlessly to any device, ensuring a smooth submission experience for applicants regardless of whether they’re using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Automated Backups: Regular data backups safeguard valuable application information, providing peace of mind and mitigating potential data loss risks.

Flexible Architecture: The portal’s modular design allows ZSP to easily modify application forms, update award categories, and adapt to evolving requirements without compromising the system’s stability.

Seamless Submissions: Intuitive user interfaces and streamlined workflows make the application process efficient and user-friendly for innovators worldwide.

These features combine to deliver a portal that elevates the submission experience while simplifying the ZSP team’s administrative tasks.

The Results

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