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    You have 7 seconds to impress, or the potential client will leave your site.

    No pressure.

    Understanding your audience and their behavior is one of the critical parts of building the right kind of e-commerce site. It’s also a science that doesn’t sleep — you have to keep track of the metrics and constantly adapt your site accordingly.

    Some of the key things you need to track are: How did your clients get to the site? What pages are they visiting? How long do they spend on the site? What pages are useful and what pages are not?

    Performance is key. It is critical that the site is working efficiently. If your site is slow, or not working properly, users will instantly drop off and most likely never come back.

    Automation is the second key. We integrate to all of the key payment gateway providers in the region, including Telr, Payfort, MasterCard payment gateway and Cyber source . We also have integration solutions ready for all major shipping providers, including Aramex, UPS, Fedex and Parzel. This allows us to complete projects at a much quicker pace.

    In short, we create e-commerce solutions that work. Solutions that work specifically for your customers.

    Winning with E-Commerce in the UAE

    An international business setup powerhouse thriving with entrepreneurial drive, the UAE is home to some of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces in the world. Abundant with specialized infrastructure, benchmark internet penetration rates and rich tech-savvy demographics, the UAE makes an ideal destination to start, build and grow an e-commerce company.

    With over 95% of the country’s population having access to the internet, 62% of the UAE population are active online shoppers.

    For a brand that seeks a reliable corporate presence in UAE, building a strong online footprint is imperative to leverage from the limitless digital exposure UAE has to offer.

    As UAE’s 360-degree digital marketing solutions provider, Webology offers high-end and long lasting E-commerce services for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises, helping them build a competitive edge in UAE’s digital landscape.

    Our goal is simple – to help your brand maintain top rankings through a fully developed and SEO optimized e-commerce website.

    By 2019, GCC’s e-commerce market worth is expected to quadruple to $20 billion according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan, UAE.

    How Webology Can Help You?

    Experienced Professionals

    As a veteran agency, our portfolio is based on World’s industry-leading brands from a diverse range of sectors. We understand every business requires a unique solution based on its budget, reach, corporate needs and goals.

    Innovative Techniques

    Innovation is the key proposition we imbue in every aspect of our digital marketing model. We integrate popular trends, rich content, and turn-key strategies to gravitate customers and make sure they never stop talking about you.

    Complete Digital Package

    Webology’s e-commerce services involve target oriented milestones so your business benefits from unsurpassed online exposure, robust engagement, top Google rankings, boosted revenue generation and an age-less corporate identity.

    Cost and Time Advantage

    The more you work with us, the more time you save. Webology’s e-commerce solutions are designed to yield the fastest results in cost-optimized timelines, so your business grows and excels beyond expectations.

    Post-Setup Support

    As UAE’s premier Digital Agency, our dedicated experts stay by your side, from start to the end, fulfilling your post-setup requirements and supplying uninterrupted support with in-depth analysis to help you scale your growth as a business.

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